Work on developing regional programmes for 2018 is underway in Tatarstan

4 November 2017, Saturday

On November 4,  speaking at a regional video-conference held by Tatarstan Prime Minister Alexey Pesoshin at Tatarstan Government House, Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Utilities of republic Irek Faizullin reported that since the beginning of the year the local State Housing Inspectorate  has conducted 3,676 inspections of multi-apartment houses under capital repair in 43 municipalities of the republic and has revealed 54 cases of safety violations in 17 regions.

Faizullin also reported on the progress made in the implementation of the regional programme of capital repair of multi-apartment houses in 2017. He said that according to the short-term plan safe and favorable living conditions should be provided to 232,145 citizens in 991 multi-apartment houses with a total area of ​​6.2 million square meters in 2017.

To implement the programme a total of 1,346,275,700 roubles were transferred to the regional operator from the regional budget, which is 100 per cent of the total amount of funds provided by the programme. The Housing and Utilities Fund of the republic received 1,065,851,000 roubles from local budgets, which makes 99.59 per cent of the total amount stipulated by the programme.

The minister reported on the course of major repairs of educational institutions. He reminded that it is planned to repair 146 educational facilities in 2017. As of November 2, 2017, work is underway at 1 of 146 facilities. As for comprehensive schools, work has been completed at 28 of 29 sites included in the plan. All the special-needs schools and pre-school facilities included in the programme have been repaired.

Faizullin continued that capital repair of children's recreation camps, resource centers (colleges), youth clubs, social service institutions, municipal archives, cultural facilities of the republic has also been finished.

The minister also reported on the progress made in the implementation of other regional projects in the construction sphere and noted that work on developing regional programmes for 2018 is underway in Tatarstan.

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