Aleksey Pesoshin holds board meeting of Tatspirtprom Distillery

29 March 2018, Thursday

On March 29, a regular board meeting of Tatspirtprom Distillery held by Acting President of the Republic of Tatarstan Aleksey Pesoshin at the Government House of the Republic discussed key indicators of the company in 2018. The company intends to boost sales of alcohol products of its own brands from 9.2 million decalitres to 10 million decalitres.

According to the strategy of development and sale of alcohol products, the company will increase the share of its own brands by substituting the products of external brands.

Tatspirtprom will also strengthen its positions in the regions of Russia and abroad. According to the results of the previous year, product sales volume amounted to 5.9 million decalitres in other regions of Russia. The company plans to sell 6.5 decalitres in 2018.

Besides, the volume of exported products increased by 25 per cent - from 80,000 decalitres to 100,000 decalitres last year, the company plans to increase this volume to 150,000 decalitres in 2018. In particular, Tatspirtprom intends to expand its presence in the Japanese market. The company plans to cooperate with the largest distributor companies such as "Suntory Group" and "Mitsubishi Foods", with annual trade turnover of over 28 billion dollars. In addition to the Japanese market, the company also increases alcohol sales of its own brands in the USA and China.

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