Tatagroleasing Company sold machinery and equipment for the total amount of 1,11 billion roubles in 2017

31 March 2018, Saturday

On March 31, speaking at the Government House of the republic at the regional video-conference held by Acting President of the republic Aleksey Pesoshin with participation of all regions of the republic, Director General of Tatagroleasing Company Azat Ziganshin reported that the company had sold 624 units of agricultural machinery and equipment for the total amount of 1,11 billion roubles in 2017.

Ziganshin emphasized that the Tatagroleasing is an official dealer and operator of a number of largest suppliers of agricultural machinery, such as Gomselmash Company (the Republic of Belarus), Promargoleasing Company, Rosagroleasing, Bryanskselmash are among them and many others.

The list of the supplied equipment includes combine harvesters and forage harvesters, tractors and trailing equipment highly demanded by agricultural producers .

The Tatagroleasing has been active in investment of agro-industrial complex of the republic since 2010. The group of agricultural enterprises includes nine companies located in Leninogorsk, Laishevo, Kamskoe-Ust’e, Verkhniy Uslon and Aksubaevo municipal regions of the republic.

Ziganshin noted that the implemented projects on modernization of facilities and resources will provide growth in a number of indicators in the current year.

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