Aleksey Pesoshin: In 2018, the Association of Builders of Tatarstan should strengthen control over the quality of work and fulfill contractual obligations in due time

12 April 2018, Thursday

On April 12, at the Korston Entertainment Complex in Kazan, Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin took part in the ninth annual general meeting of members of the Association of Builders of Tatarstan, which includes 1,025 organizations as of April, 1, 2018.

The President of the organization Rim Khalitov made a keynote report on the work of the Association in 2017.

Making a report of the audit commission, Chairman of the Audit Commission Ildar Galeev said that the results of work in 2017 were found to be satisfactory.

Speaking at the meeting, Pesoshin stressed that the Association of Builders of the republic is one of the largest regional self-regulating organizations in Russia.

"The construction complex is one of the most important sectors of the regional economy," Pesoshin said. "Due to the investment of budget funds in the construction industry, the government has significantly contributed to the reduction of the housing problem in the republic, additional jobs have been created, the construction community of Tatarstan has managed to minimize the negative consequences in the economy."

According to the Head of the regional Cabinet of Ministers, the transition from licensing to self-regulation was one of the turning points in reforming the construction industry, which consists not only in replacing licenses with certificates of admission to work, but in ensuring high quality of construction work, occupational safety and increasing the responsibility of building organizations.

The idea of ​​self-regulation of the construction industry has justified itself and has been successfully put in practice, Pesoshin continued.

As noted at the meeting, as many as 37 state programmes were implemented in Tatarstan, with the amount of financing made more than 44 billion roubles in 2017, Pesoshin reminded. He also reminded that it is planned to implement 38 programmes with approximately the same amount of funding in 2018.

"I believe that in 2018 the Association should strengthen control over the quality of construction works at facilities, fulfill contractual obligations in due time, including the terms of commissioning; improve the  institution of public inspectors in organizations - members of the Association; contribute to the development of the system for raising the level of professional skill of workers of construction organizations - members of the Association, increase the information transparency of the Association, carry out work to reduce occupational injuries, hold training seminars in the field of labor protection, construction and self-regulation,” Pesoshin summed up.

He thanked everyone for their work and expressed his confidence that the builders will continue to actively promote various projects for the further development of the republic.

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