Aleksey Pesoshin lays flowers on Victory Day at Arsk cemetery in Kazan

9 May 2018, Wednesday

On May 9, Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin, veterans of the World War II, relatives and friends of soldiers who died in the World War II and officials laid wreaths and flowers at the “Soldier-Winner” and “Sorrowing Soldier” monuments at the Arsk cemetery in Kazan.

The ceremony participants first laid flowers at the Soldier-Winner monument and had a minute of silence, which was broken by a three-times volley and at the same time a flock of white doves flew up into the air as a symbol of the souls of soldiers, who sacrificed their lives defending the Motherland.

The ceremony participants laid wreaths and flowers to the Sorrowing Soldier monument later.

Pesoshin also honoured memory of Hero of the Soviet Union - fighter pilot Mikhail Devyataev.

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