Aleksey Pesoshin: Tatarstan continues to be one of the leading entities of Russia in the field of aircraft engineering

9 August 2018, Thursday

On August 9, at the Kazanskaya Yarmarka (“Kazan Fair”) Exhibition Centre, speaking at a plenary meeting of the fourth Congress of Russian aircraft manufacturers during the ninth  International specialized exhibition of equipment, materials and technologies for aviation, aircraft engineering and space «Aerospace Technologies, Modern Materials and Equipment» (AKTO), Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin said that the development of the aviation industry is an integral part of the glorious history of the republic. Thanks to the selfless work of a great number of talented scientists, designers, production organizers, pilots, tens of thousands of highly skilled workers, Tatarstan continues to be one of the leading entities of Russia in the field of aircraft engineering, he added.

Opening the meeting, the Prime Minister stressed that aircraft engineering is one of the most high-tech branches of industry that determines the global competitiveness of our country in the world arena. "This poses serious challenges for all of us in the introduction and development of digital technologies in the industry. Industry 4.0 is slowly but surely entering our world. The industrial enterprises of the republic have started digital transformation of production facilities aimed at opening up new opportunities and giving an impetus for a high-tech breakthrough,” Pesoshin said.

He said that in order to reproduce the Tu-160 large-scale work on reconstruction and technical re-equipment of production facilities is underway at the Kazan Aviation Plant named after Gorbunov. In January this year, the first demonstration flight of the new Tu-160 strategic missile carrier was held at the enterprise with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian Ministry of Defense and Tupolev PJSC signed a state contract for the supply of 10 units of modernized Tu-160M  strategic missile carriers. Also, major overhaul and further improvement of Tu-22M3 bombers are underway at the plant.

Modern versions of Mi-8/17 and Ansat helicopters are manufactured at the Kazan Helicopter Plant. In 2017, the mass production of the Mi-38 medium transport helicopter was launched. Now, work on its certification is at completion stage.

The Prime Minister noted that Russian-made helicopters manufactured in Kazan totaled more than 50 million flying hours around the world. More than 12,000 helicopters, which are operated in more than 100 countries, have been manufactured over the entire history of the plant.

"The Congress of Aircraft Manufacturers fosters the development of the aerospace industry and provides broad opportunities for specialists to exchange best practices, get acquainted with the latest technologies in aircraft engineering, astronautics, materials science and other branches of industry. This, in turn, contributes to appearing breakthrough ideas, which are the basis for future innovations,” Pesoshin concluded.

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