Meeting timed to the start of the elderly people decade held in Tatarstan Government House

2 October 2018, Tuesday

On October 2, speaking in the Government House of the republic at a meeting timed to the start of the elderly people decade, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Protection of the republic Elmira Zaripova said that a pilot project "School of taking care of the elderly people",  helping to learn how to look after elderly relatives who are not able to look after themselves, was launched in Tatarstan.

"Sitter services direction is actively developing. The pilot projects have started in Zainsk and Nizhnekamsk regions of the republic. The technology is worked out. People, mostly women of pre-retirement age, were recruited and trained. Many of them have already had nursing experience,” she said.

Zaripova promised that such services will be paid, but it will be quite affordable for those families who, for some reason, cannot look after their elderly relatives. The direction showed its necessity and will be extended to other regions and cities of the republic.

There are many retired people in Tatarstan who either have no relatives left or they live in other regions or countries. Over 4500 people with disabilities and retired people live in foster families. “The fostering family for an elderly person project has been implemented in Tatarstan since 2017. To date, 36 elderly people are in foster care. They are not in their own home, but in a family and home environment,” Zaripova said.

The government also helps such families financially. All started projects will be continued. The republic hopes to enter the Demography federal project with its initiatives next year.

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