Tatarstan Minister of Health Marat Sadykov reports on the modernization progress of health facilities in the republic

30 October 2018, Tuesday

On October 30, speaking at a regional video-conference in the Government House of the republic, Tatarstan Minister of Health Marat Sadykov reported on the modernization progress of health facilities in the republic.

He also said that high-quality health care, which modern society needs, is measured by two main indicators such as the life expectancy and mortality rate.

Thus, the republic ranks 25th in mortality level in the Russian Federation.

According to Sadykov, the birth rate exceeds mortality in the republic. During nine months of the current year, as many as 34,017 people died and 34,994 babies were born in Tatarstan.

Regional Minister of Healthcare said that an outpatient oncological centre with a radiological building in Naberezhnye Chelny will be built under the regional programme for the construction of large medical facilities for 2019-2021.

Sadykov also said that a radiological centre is being built in Almetyevsk. The Minister added that as many as 17 facilities will be built under the construction programme till 2021 and mentioned those, which are urgently required in the republic.

“We put much emphasis on the so-called oncological cluster,” Sadykov said. The first to be built is a centre for pediatric oncology, hematology and surgery for 100 beds at the Children's Regional Clinical Hospital of Tatarstan Ministry of Health, the project of which has already passed construction expertise. The construction of a children's oncology centre will cost two billion roubles and an application for co-financing has already been sent to Moscow. According to the minister, the need for the establishment of such a center has been long overdue: 8,200 children with neoplasms are registered in the republic and the construction will provide a complete clinical process, including modern diagnostics, high-tech treatment, followed by early rehabilitation.

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