Implementation of 40 regional programmes in construction and capital repair planned in Tatarstan in 2019

12 January 2019, Saturday

On January 12, speaking at the Government House of the republic at a regional video-conference held by Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov with participation of Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin and all regions of the republic, Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Utilities of the republic Irek Faizullin reported that as many as 40 regional programmes in construction and capital repair of facilities, including 38 long-term programmes and 2 programmes during the current year, to be implemented in Tatarstan in 2019.

The Minister said that as many as 2,409,900 square meters of housing, which makes 100.3 per cent of the plan, were commissioned in Tatarstan in 2018.

As part of implementation of the social mortgage programme, as many as 165 houses for 7803 apartments with the total area of ​​438,300 square meters are to be commissioned under the investment programme.

Faizullin also added that it is planned to provide 309 orphans with housing under residential lease at the total cost of 373m 231,900 thousand roubles in 2019.

It is planned to accommodate 132 families of certain categories at the total cost of 317m 591,300 thousand roubles.

He continued that as part of the implementation of the programmes of construction and capital repair of socio-cultural facilities as many as 21 rural clubs, 11 buildings of Executive Committees of municipalities, 108 universal sports grounds, 12 block modular ski centers, 45 medical and obstetric centres, 9 outpatient clinics and 22 block-modular units of comprehensive service for the population to be built in 2019.

The minister also addressed the heads of municipalities of the republic to educate the population on the safe use of domestic gas equipment to ensure its safe operation.

Minnikhanov also gave an errand to control the issue of safe maintenance gas equipment.

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