Two-thirds of the produced oil to be processed in Tatarstan

29 January 2019, Tuesday

On January 29, speaking at the Government House of the republic at a briefing, Deputy Prime Minister of the republic - Tatarstan Minister of Industry and Trade Albert Karimov said that today less than half of the raw materials extracted are processed in the republic and the share of oil refining in the industrial structure of Tatarstan will increase in the near future.

Karimov emphasized that with the launch of new capacities at the TANECO Oil Refinery, oil refining will amount to 22-23 million tonnes, in particular, about two-thirds of the produced oil. At the same time, deep processing will be achieved.

The TANECO is expected to launch the second facility of crude oil refinery in 2019. For the last year in Tatarstan, one fifth of the total industrial production accounted for oil, which exceeded 600 billion roubles for the shipments and the production index was 101.8 per cent.

In total, over 36.4 million tonnes of oil were extracted in the republic last year. Karimov added that Tatneft Oil Company focused on the extraction of unconventional oil, including super-viscous oil.

Chemistry and petrochemistry account for about 16 per cent of industrial production in Tatarstan. During the last year, the shipment output amounted to 54 billion roubes and production index amounted to 103 per cent.

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