Briefing on the results of visit of Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov to Kazan held in the Government House of Tatarstan

25 June 2019, Tuesday

On June 25, speaking in the Government House of the republic at a briefing on the visit of Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov to Kazan, Tatarstan Minister of Industry and Trade Albert Karimov said that the Kazan Helicopter Plant is considering the possibility of supplying Ansat helicopters to Turkmenistan.

First of all, Turkmenistan is interested in aircraft used in medical and rescue services.

Karimov also said that Tatneft Oil Company will help Turkmenistan to double oil production. “Today, experience and competencies of the Tatneft are aimed at increasing the oil output of Turkmenistan deposits. The key factors for the further growth of such oil production (a corresponding memorandum was signed on the results of the visit) will be the use of new technologies, digitization, additional automation of production - the best practices that the Tatneft has gained to increase oil recovery to date,” Tatarstan Minister said.

KAMAZ Automaker will expand the network of service centres in Turkmenistan.

“On the results of the negotiations, a contract on the possibility of supplying additional 2,000 units of KAMAZ vehicles to Turkmenistan in 2020-2021, including 800 dump trucks, 300 on-board machines, and special utility vehicles was signed. The expansion of the network of KAMAZ service centres that are already operating in this country was discussed. It is planned to open several centres that will provide service for these cars across Turkmenistan,” Karimov said.

Turkmenistan is also interested in agricultural aircraft of the Kazan MVEN Сompany.

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