Rustam Nigmatullin: The Kazan Branch of the Russian State University of Justice is a dynamically developing educational facility

4 July 2019, Thursday

On July 4, Acting Prime Minister of the republic Rustam Nigmatullin took part in an event dedicated to laying the foundation stone of a new building and a student residence of the Kazan branch of the Russian State University of Justice.

Nigmatullin reminded that the Kazan branch was opened in 2001. The facility trains qualified judges and employees of the judicial system for Tatarstan and 7 more Russian entities.

In accordance with the agreement signed between the Russian State University of Justice and the Government of Tatarstan in 2012 the university offers advanced training of personnel. Nigmatullin noted that effective results have already been achieved in this area, with more than 700 people becoming students of advanced training courses every year.

“The University takes an active position in the implementation of state programmes for working with young people and students. The branch's students are organizers and active participants in events held in the republic and in the city,” he added.

At present, more than 2,300 students are studying at the Kazan Branch of the Russian State University of Justice. Modern computer classrooms, classrooms for seminars, lecture halls, including training halls for court sessions will be located in the new building. The student residence is designed for 138 people. According to the project, a multifunctional sports hall, as well as an outdoor sports ground will also be there.

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