Rustam Minnikhanov: Restriction of mass events in Tatarstan introduced for the benefit of citizens

14 March 2020, Saturday

On March 14, speaking at a traditional meeting in the Government House of the republic, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov set the task to strictly comply with all the requirements of the special sanitary-epidemiological regime, which was introduced in the republic because of the threat of penetration of the coronavirus.

“There is no threat in the republic so far, these are protective measures. We are doing everything to prevent this threat. People should clearly understand that if we do not control the external perimeter at the exits and entrances, we may find ourselves in a difficult situation,” Minnikhanov said.

Tatarstan President drew attention to the fact that restrictions on holding mass sports and cultural events were introduced in the republic and urged to implement these requirements.

Minnikhanov appealed to the senior officials of Tatarstan Ministry of Education to restrict the movement of children's tourist groups during school holidays that will start shortly.

Tatarstan President emphasized that such measures are being taken only to protect citizens.

From March, 13 until April, 15, on behalf of Tatarstan President the regional headquarters introduced a special sanitary and epidemiological regime in the republic for combating the spread of coronavirus.

All international sports events have been rescheduled until sanitary and epidemiological situation is more favorable , sports matches to be held without the participation of spectators, cultural events have been rescheduled. Scheduled tour concerts are possible only if the organizers strictly comply with the entire list of requirements to ensure the safety of people and will be fully responsible for the health of the audience.

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