Aleksey Pesoshin: The quality and reasonable prices for food stuff supplied to state and municipal organizations are the main thing

10 July 2018, Tuesday

On July 10, at the Government House of the republic, Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin held a meeting on ensuring the quality of food products supplied to state and municipal organizations of the republic.

He stressed that it is necessary to pay very close attention to the quality of food delivered to children's and social facilities.

Pesoshin said that a number of food manufacturers and suppliers that have violations is growing. First of all, they fail to comply with sanitary rules, norms, technical regulations.

"Today we need to discuss the situation and find the optimal scheme for supplying food products," Pesoshin said, addressing the participants of the meeting. “Moreover, it is necessary to discuss how things are going in the municipalities. This is due to the fact that heads of municipalities make requests to allow local suppliers to bid for tenders to supply food stuff."

Pesoshin stressed that the quality of foods stuff and reasonable prices are the main thing. "These are two principal issues on the basis of which work should be carried out," the Prime Minister said.

He reminded that a scheme on deliveries of dairy products to the regional state and municipal organizations is available in the republic. "And perhaps the same scheme should be applied in terms of food stuff,” Pesoshin continued.

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