Minister of Economy of Tatarstan Midkhat Shaghiakhmetov: An Action Plan has been prepared to reduce risks in view of current events

13 March 2020, Friday

On March 13, speaking at a briefing at the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic, Minister of Economy of the republic Midkhat Shaghiakhmetov said that the regional Government has prepared an Action Plan to reduce risks in view of current events.

According to the Minister, the Plan is aimed at prompt response, ensuring economic and social stability in difficult external economic environment and coordinated interaction of executive authorities, local self-government and enterprises of the republic. The document will be approved soon, he went on to report.

“According to the Plan, we are monitoring the financial and economic activities of enterprises on a regular basis to ensure stable operation in the real sector of the economy. Enterprises provide both actual and forecast information to assess the current situation and make appropriate decisions. Moreover, meetings of outcomes commissions, including in municipalities of the republic, will be held to identify and respond in a timely manner,” the Minister said.

Work is underway to promptly inform the regional enterprises about federal support programmes to get them involved, as well as to develop new forms of support together with federal authorities, including import substitution.

The regional support measures are analyzed, in particular, under the programme to support small and medium enterprises of Tatarstan. Based on the current situation, adjustments will be made regarding the expansion of direct financial support instruments, if required.

According to the Minister, iweekly monitoring and control of prices for basic food products is carried out to quickly respond to the state of the food market and take measures to prevent accelerating price increases for socially important goods. According to the latest monitoring, there are no sharp changes in prices.

He added that agricultural fairs will be held to offer goods of local producers to provide people of the republic with foodstuffs at affordable prices and to saturate the market with agricultural products, if required. 

The control over timely social payments by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the republic, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in Tatarstan, the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation in Tatarstan has been strengthened, Shaghiakhmetov continued. 

Thus, coordinated work has been organized in the republic to monitor and control the situation in the economic and social spheres in order to take timely and prompt measures if required, the Minister concluded. 

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