Rustam Minnikhanov unveils a monument to the Hero of Russia Marat Akhmetshin in Laishevo region of the republic

21 September 2017, Thursday

On September 21, in the village of Atabaevo, Laishevo region of the republic, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov and Russian Deputy Minister of Defence Tatiana Shevtsova took part in a ceremony of unveiling a monument to the Hero of Russia Marat Akhmetshin, who was killed while performing his military duty in the Syrian Arab Republic last year. 

Tatarstan brought up a lot of wonderful people who loved their homeland and showed sustained power, courage and faith in hard moments, Shevtsova said at the opening ceremony.

"Tatarstan is famous for its sons, many of them inscribed their names in the history of our Fatherland forever. Russia is proud of them. Today we are unveiling a bust in honor of another Hero of the Russian Federation, our fellow countryman. Marat Akhmetshin made a heroic feat while performing combat missions in Syria. His deed is an example of selfless service to the Fatherland, courage and great personal qualities," Minnikhanov emphasized.

As noted at the event, the monument was opened on the initiative of the Russian Ministry of Defence, which was supported by Minnikhanov.

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