Rustam Minnikhanov congratulates arbitration employees on the 25th anniversary of arbitration courts

15 December 2017, Friday

On December 15, at the Arbitration Court of the Volga Region in Kazan, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov took part in an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of arbitration courts in Russia.

In his welcoming speech, Minnikhanov cordially congratulated arbitration workers on the 25th anniversary of the arbitration system. He noted that arbitration courts were established during challenging times in our country. Under the conditions of transition from a planned to a market economy, there was a need to establish an institute of justice capable of resolving economic disputes in new realities, he said.

“For 25 years, arbitration courts have grown into an essential element of the economic life to facilitate the civilized settlement of disputes between economic entities. The district courts have taken a worthy place. They not only verify the legality of the acts adopted, but also form the single law enforcement practice," he said.

With the support from arbitration courts, an alternative procedure involving a professional mediator to resolve disputes is developing. It is a convenient and fast way to reduce the burden on the judicial system and save on costs, Tatarstan President continued. 

Minnikhanov reminded that the process of improving facilities of the courts is underway in the country. Much attention is paid to this issue in Tatarstan, he added.

The employees of the arbitration system were awarded with state awards of the Republic of Tatarstan and departmental awards.

Chairman of the Arbitration Court of the Volga Region Yuri Glazov took part in the event.

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