Rustam Minnikhanov inspects a number of new facilities under construction in Kazan

15 December 2017, Friday

On December 15, in Kazan, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov inspected a number of new facilities under construction, which were considered earlier at the meeting of the interdepartmental commission on urban development in historical areas of the city on the 12th of October this year. 

A four-storey apartment house on Khadi Atlasi Street, the ground floor of which will be used for public catering, trade and other facilities, was inspected first.

Then, Minnikhanov looked around the construction site of an eight-storey residential building on Kalinin Street.

The project for the construction of a six-storey house with an underground parking on Nur Bayan Street underwent some changes following the proposal made by Minnikhanov to improve the facade of the building despite its location in the heart of the residential district. 

During today's inspection, Minnikhanov appreciated work done on the projects and approved their further construction.

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