Aleksey Pesoshin: Forest sector of Tatarstan keeps a high pace of work and has promising prospects for development

15 January 2018, Monday

On January 15, speaking at the extended meeting of Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan dedicated to the results of work in 2017 and the main tasks for 2018, Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin said that the forest sector of the republic keeps a high pace of work and has promising prospects for development

Deputy Head of the Department of Forestry of Volga Federal District Sergey Kovalev, Tatarstan Minister of Forestry Almas Nazirov took part in the meeting.

Nazirov reported on the work done by the department in 2017.

Pesoshin said that during the Year of Ecology special attention was paid to restoration of the forest on the territory of the republic. As many as 16 mln pieces of nursery plants were used for planting of new forests on the area of about four hectares.

He also noted that the forest fires had been prevented the seventh consecutive year in the republic.

Turkish Company Kastamonu had been implementing the project on recycling semi-subsistence wood on the territory of the Alabuga Special Economic Zone since 2013.

A woodworking plant continues successful work at the Sabinsky forest warden .

Pesoshin told the meeting about  a number of problematic issues that exist, in particular, about forest land registry and setting  boundaries of forestry.

At the end of the meeting, Tatarstan Minister of Forestry appealed to Prime Minister of the republic with a request to let him resign.

“Young and energetic professionals should replace us,” Nazirov said.

“I would like to thank Almas Aminovich for his hard work in the forest industry where he has been working for 43 years. He has held the post of the Minister of Forestry since 2014. We respect his decision and accept it,” Pesoshin concluded.

Pesoshin handed in the medal of the Order of Merit to the Republic of Tatarstan to Almas Nazirov, who was awarded for his special contribution to the development of forest sector of the republic and long-term productive work.

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