Aleksey Pesoshin and Olga Vasilyeva open the first Centre for Cutting-Edge Vocational Training in the republic

19 November 2019, Tuesday

On November 19, at the Kazan Teacher Training College, Minister of Education of Russia Olga Vasilyeva and Prime Minister of the republic Aleksey Pesoshin opened Tatarstan’s first Centre for Cutting-Edge Vocational Training.

Vasilyeva and Pesoshin looked around the new centre and got acquainted with its main areas of activity. The new facility offers everyone an opportunity for short-term vocational training, including teacher training.   

The Minister said that the Centre for Cutting-Edge Vocational Training opened in the republic has become the first centre in Russia and the only one at the teacher training college. She reminded that the centre was established as part of the Education national project, has developed facilities and a highly qualified team of specialists.

Later on the same day, Vasilyeva talked to students of Russian teacher training colleges and answered their questions.

The Centre will offer vocational guidance, training, retraining, advanced training for all categories of citizens in the most popular, new and promising professions and competencies, with employers, universities, professional educational facilities being its main partners.

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