Rustam Minnikhanov holds a meeting to discuss issues related to construction and road branches

26 May 2020, Tuesday

On May 26, at the Government House of the republic, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov hold a meeting to discuss issues related to construction and road branches.

In particular, the meeting discussed financing issues to complete the construction and commissioning of houses for defrauded housing equity holders.

First Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan Rustam Nigmatullin reported on cooperation with DOM.RF. He said that according to the federal decree, a specialized fund, which actually included defrauded housing equity holders, was set up in October 2019. The necessary funds will be allocated through DOM.RF to a chosen technical customer.  

An agreement was concluded with the Fund for four problematic houses (2049 apartments), including 1549 apartments of defrauded housing equity holders for a total amount of 5.5 billion roubles. The republic allocated 2.2 billion roubles as co-financing.  

Moreover, the republic sent a request to complete the construction of another six houses.

The meeting also discussed the implementation of the construction project of the Shali (M-7) - Bavly (M-5) toll motorway to develop the new Kazan-Orenburg federal highway route.

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