Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin: The Department of the Federal National Guard Troops Service in Tatarstan has a powerful staff and technical potential

18 January 2022, Tuesday

On 18 January Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin took part in meeting of the regional Department of Federal National Guard Troops Service presided by the Head of the Department Major-General Rustem Gumerov.

Speaking at the meeting, which summed up results of work of the Department in 2021 and stated main tasks for the current year, the Deputy Head of the Department Sergey Yakushev reported that the SOBR Rapid Deployment Task Force and OMON Special Task Force provided coverage of more than 1 500 tasks by applications and requests of interacting bodies. As many as 20 guns, more than 700 munitions and over one kilo of explosives were appropriated, and 242 people were detained and 22.5 kilos of drugs were removed from circulation, he said. During fulfillment of law-enforcement tasks, the employees of the Investigations Committee recovered more than 1 bn roubles to the Treasury. Yakushev went on:” Bomb-disposal experts fulfilled more than 180 tasks in examining crowded places to find and disarm dangerous objects. Extra-departmental security service department provided security for more than 14 500 different facilities and checked more than 51 000 alarms from the secured objects. In its offices and routes, the police revealed 477 crimes, prevented more than 2700 administrative violations and found and detained 54 people wanted by the police. More than 731m roubles were transferred to the budget”.

He said that the licensing units of the Department control 462 security companies and more than 44 500 citizens owning about 75 thousand fire guns, and more than 2 130 physical and legal entities were brought to administrative responsibility for violation the fire-arm circulation law. In 2021 the unit issued more than 36 000 fire arms ownership licenses, permissions and IDs.

Yakushev said that the unit of the state territorial control of the Department carried out about  50 different checks of the security of the fuel and energy complex facilities in the republic and the total amount of fines for the revealed violations made more than 900 thousand roubles.

He concluded that the Tatarstan administration renders support in renovations of the buddings of the Department units and purchasing new staff cars.

In his speech Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin said that provision of the population’s security is always a priority task and units of the Federal National Guard Troops Service of the republic have proved their professional skills. He said that currently the Department has powerful staff and technical potential and well-equipped mobile units. He went on saying that it was necessary to continue work in appropriation of fire arms and bringing people to administrative responsibility for violation of the fire arms ownership regulations taking into consideration the latest changes in the legislation tightening these regulations.

He also called to pay serious attention to work of private security agencies which provide safety of educational institutions. “We must not let the tragic events in the Kazan gymnasium 175 happen again. And doing this it is necessary to have close cooperation with the regional Ministry of Science and Education and with headmasters” Pesoshin said.  

It is also necessary to continue work with applications of citizens, meet people in the communities and raise their awareness of new legislative norms and the work of the Department, he said.

The Prime Minister added that in the current year the republic will host large international events such as the celebrations of 1100 years of adoption of Islam by Volga Bulgaria and the World Volleyball Championship and their proper organization should become a priority task for all power bodies and branches and all municipalities of the Republic of Tatarstan. 

Summing up all said, the Head of the Department Rustem Gumerov said that all tasks set up to the department in 2021 were completed in full.

In the end of the meeting Pesoshin handed in state awards to the military and employees of the Department.

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