Tatarstan President looks around a number of construction objects in the center of Kazan

23 July 2013, Tuesday

On July 23 Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov looked around a number of construction objects in the historic center of Kazan. He was accompanied by Tatarstan Prosecutor Kafil Amirov, Aide to Tatarstan President Olesya Baltusova, Head of Kazan Executive Committee Aleskey Pesoshin.

A project of a new 6-storey house was presented to Rustam Minnikhanov in Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya street. Tatarstan President agreed with Chief Architect of Kazan Tatyana Prokofyeva who said that the new building would fit well with the existing buildings in this part of the city.

At the same time Rustam Minnikhanov offered the developer to restore the wooden house situated right opposite the new building in 10, Kosmodemyanskaya street. According to Tatarstan President, the house requires restoration, although it is not an architectural monument.

Looking around the construction site of a multi-storey block of flats being built by “Svey” company in Kosmodemyanskaya street, Tatarstan President made comments on large sizes of a new building, which has been under construction for a few years already.

“This block of flats is too large. It should not be located in the center of the city. But now its construction should be completed, because investors are waiting for it,” Rustam Minnikhanov said addressing the leadership of the project developing company.

Architects, in their turn, suggested making new facade of the building so that it will not look so large. Tatarstan President asked the developer to improve the surrounding territory.

Then, Rustam Minnikhanov visited Varvara Druzhinina’s house, one of significant patterns of Kazan wooden architecture. According to Aide to Tatarstan President Olesya Baltusova, the house was demolished and is now under reconstruction.

Tatarstan President was demonstrated exterior designs for a new building at the construction site in 14, Mushtari street. New buildings are supposed to be constructed with the same exterior as the demolished one-storey wooden houses that used to be there and a 4-storey office building will be situated in the middle of the block.

When making a detour of the construction objects, Rustam Minnikhanov told about Barcelona he has visited recently as an example of careful attitude to the architectural heritage. Tatarstan President said that he was impressed with many architectural monuments when he walked around the city.

Tatarstan President visited the entertainment complex “Bannaya usadba” which is under construction on the bank of the Low Kaban lake. Rustam Minnikhanov focused on plain architectural concept of the buildings facing the lake and asked the developer to improve the external view of the quay.

The old building of the emergency hospital in Sibirsky tract was the final object detoured. After opening a new Emergency medical center at the 7th city hospital, Tatarstan Minister of Health Airat Farrakhov suggested that the oncology hospital in Baturin street, the gynecologic oncology in Yapeeva street and polyclinic in Nagornaya street should move there.
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