Rustam Nigmatullin at the collegium of the Tatarstan State Committee on Bioresources: The tasks of replenishment of regional fauna with new hunting animal species are solved successively

1 March 2023, Wednesday

On 1 March, speaking at a collegium of the Tatarstan State Committee on Bioresources, which summarized results of the Committee’s work in 2022 and set forth tasks for 2023, the First Deputy Prime Minister of the republic Rustam Nigmatullin said that one can hardly overestimate work of the Committee in provision of biological diversity and favourable living environment for residents of the republic as Tatarstan is the industrially developed region with high anthropogenic load on the ecosystems.

Having mentioned the well-coordinated work of regional power bodies, business and the population, Rustam Nigmatullin said that the Committee has implemented a successful software complex of winter route census of game resources. “Next year we are expecting successful results from the hunting community in implementing an e-draw and the long awaited app for getting the permission to bag valuable animal species,” he said.

“The tasks of replenishment of regional fauna with new hunting animal species we set already five years ago are solved successively. I think in the nearest 10 years it necessary to increase the number of the Altai wapiti which will make their wide use possible. As we have heard from the keynote speaker – the Chairman of the Committee Feodor Batkov we already have gaming reserves to look up to.” Rustam Nigmatullin continued.

Having reminded about serious challenges of African swine pest flareups in 2023, he attracted attention of the colleagues from the Russian Agricultural Surveillance Agency in Tatarstan and the Chief Veterinary Department of the republic to the necessity of stepping up the control of imported animal husbandry products and cattle forage which quite often are the cause of infection.

Rustam Nigmatullin gave positive assessment to joint work of the Committee and hunters as there is no growth of law violationы in game reserves, however in case of the risk of infliction damage to the fauna, the Committee should apply to the Prosecutor’s Office to initiate planned checks, he said.

He also mentioned systemic work of the Committee in preservation of biological water resources and stable growth of fish population in water bodies of the republic.

In conclusion, Rustam Nigmatullin thanked workers of game reserves for their work last year and handed in state awards to the most outstanding of them.

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