People's Inspector Application is becoming more and more popular in Tatarstan

14 February 2017, Tuesday

On February 14, speaking at a briefing at Tatarstan Government House, Commissioner for Human Rights in the republic Sariya Saburskaya reported that the number of complaints in the People's Control System about the quality of services in polyclinics and hospitals has increased in Tatarstan. In 2016 the system registered 717 complaints, she added.

"People complain about arranging visits to doctors. In Naberezhnye Chelny the problem with the distribution of diary products cannot be solved for a long time. About 300-400 parents have to wait in line with their children. Infectious Diseases Hospital in Naberezhnye Chelny needs to be repaired," Saburskaya went on to say.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communication of the republic Timur Zaripov, who took part in the meeting, noted that for sending messages to the People's Control System about illegal production and sales of alcohol products people will be rewarded.

In 2016 the system was improved. In particular, now there is an opportunity to edit messages in the personal area. Also, filters to search for updates were added on the home page.

It was also reported at the meeting that a mobile application "People's Inspector" is becoming more and more popular in Tatarstan. By the end of 2016 more than 80,000 people downloaded and installed the application.  

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