Rustam Minnikhanov: The power of Tatarstan and Russia is in preserving the national identity of peoples

12 December 2017, Tuesday

On December 12, at the Kazan Kremlin, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov held a meeting of the Tatarstan Presidential Council for International and Interfaith Relations on the development of the ethno-cultural infrastructure in the republic.

"Tatarstan is the common home for many ethnicities. The power of Tatarstan and Russia is in the creation of conditions for preserving their national identity, culture, peace and concord among peoples. This is the most important task. A lot is being done in the republic in this field,” Minnikhanov emphasized, opening the meeting.

He noted that the meeting of the Council is held on the Day of the Constitution of Russia - the Basic Law of the country, which guarantees the equality of different peoples and everyone's right to freedom of self-identification and religion.

"The infrastructure, including houses of friendship, cultural centres, schools and other facilities, is the basis in the preservation of culture, language and traditions, the satisfaction of spiritual needs," Minnikhanov continued.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister of Culture of the republic Airat Sibagatullin offered to double the number of Houses of Friendship between Peoples.

"The houses of friendship between the peoples of Tatarstan have become effective resource centres for supporting the initiatives of the national public of the republic," the minister said.

Sibagatullin also asked Minnikhanov to extend the programme for the repair of rural clubs and cultural centres. According to the ministry, more than 500 facilities need repair.

Tatarstan President agreed that repair and restoration of buildings are less expensive and often more efficient. However, their further use leaves much to be desired, he said. "The infrastructure is not used efficiently. Of course, there are enthusiasts, but often the situation is quite the opposite, " Minnikhanov stressed. 

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