Alexey Pesoshin at the celebration of Internal Affairs Officers' Day: The police profession is one of the most important and necessary

10 November 2020, Tuesday

On November 10, Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin took part in a solemn event dedicated to the Day of Internal Affairs Officers of the Russian Federation and congratulated officers and veterans on their professional holiday.

“Your holiday has extended beyond the Ministry, and the whole population celebrates it together with you. 

But first of all, it is a celebration of all who have devoted their lives to the service of the people, the law and the Fatherland

The police profession is one of the most important and necessary.

The demands for the profession were never time-bound.

It is always high responsibility, honesty and courage,” Pesoshin said.

Prime Minister of the republic expressed confidence that in the future the personnel of internal affairs agencies will successfully implement the tasks assigned to the Ministry.

Pesoshin also handed over awards to the most distinguished employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic, namely the medal "For Excellence in the public order enforcement", the medal "For Valorous Labour", the honorary title "Honored Internal Affairs Officer of Tatarstan", Letter of Gratitude of Tatarstan President and Letter of Gratitude of the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic and other awards.

Minister of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Tatarstan Artyom Khokhorin also welcome the participants of the event. He briefed about the main results of the work of the regional ministry in the current year.

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