The Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has congratulated the Tatarstan State Counselor Mintimer Shaymiyev with his 85-th birthday

20 January 2022, Thursday

Congratulating the Tatarstan State Counselor, the First President of the republic Mintimer Shaymiyev with his 85-th birthday, the Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has said in his telegram:

“Dear Mintimer Sharipovich! Please, accept my most sincere congratulations with your jubilee! You are a whole epoch, service to your people and adherence to your word are real values of your remarkably bright life. You used all your efforts to bring into life the boldest initiatives for the benefit of Tatarstan. These qualities brought you the undisputable authority among the administration of the country, residents of your region, your colleagues and friends.  Even having left your post as the first President of the republic you continue your work for the benefit of your countrymen being the head of the Supervisory Board of the Regional Fund of Revival of Tatarstan history and culture monuments. I wish you good health, success in all deeds, joy, peace and luck to you and your close ones”.

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