Leila Fazleyeva takes part in the summarizing collegium of the Tatarstan Ministry of Culture

21 January 2022, Friday

On 21 January, speaking at the summarizing collegium of the Tatarstan Ministry of Culture, Deputy Prime Minister of the republic Leila Fazleyeva said that development of culture was one of the priority spheres and one of the most important resources for strengthening inter-ethnic peace and concord in Tatarstan.

Also taking part in the collegium were Tatarstan Minister of Culture Irada Ayupova, the Head of the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs Igor Barinov and the Deputy Head of the Russian President Department of Public Projects Aleksandr Zhuravskiy.

Fazleeva stressed that in the last year - the Year of mother tongues and public unity more than 9 thousand different events were held. In addition the year teemed with cultural events and anniversaries of outstanding people of the republic. “All these shaped the culture of multi-ethnic Tatarstan and all these events are working for the future and this is extremely important”, the Deputy Prime Minister said.

“We can see the demand for culture is growing in rural areas every year It is necessary to develop those territories by using their cultural potential and involving their residents into the process and supporting their initiatives”, Fazleyeva said.

She added that the grant support, including the Cultural Initiatives Foundation, plays a big role in the sphere of culture. She said that Tatarstan was among top-5 regions concerning grant applications and called for continuing this work.

Fazleyeva noted that cultural and arts teams of the republic show high results. Thus last year a number of regional theatres were nominated for the “Gold Mask” theater award the composer Elmir Nizamov won the Russian President’s award for young workers of culture.

She also spoke about digitalization in the sphere of culture, training and retraining of workers and holding large international events in the republic in 2022 such as the 45th sessions of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee and 1100 years of adoption of Islam by the Volga Bulgaria.

In her report the Minister Irada Ayupova said that all planned indexes for 2021 were fulfilled with the capital investments of 2.3 bn roubles into the sphere.  “A new direction begins within the Culture National project which is the capital overhaul of museums. The approved financing limit from the federal budget for 2022 makes 1bn 290.4m roubles which is by 30% more than in the previous year, she said.

In the end of the meeting Leila Fazleyeva handed in a number of Tatarstan state awards.

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