Another multi-functional cultural centre opens in Novosheshminsky region

20 August 2014, Wednesday

On August 21, Tatarstan Prime Minister Ildar Khalikov and Head of Novosheshminsky region (Tatarstan) Vyacheslav Kozlov took part in opening of a multi-functional cultural centre for 200 seats and a library. It is the third cultural centre built under regional programme and occupies the area of 400 m².

Opening the solemn event, Vyacheslav Kozlov noted that many social problems, such as major repair of schools and housing construction were solved in the region this year.

“Dozens of social programmes are implemented in the republic, many of them in rural areas. Realization of these programmes will be continued,” Ildar Khalikov said.

The Prime Minister congratulated local dwellers on the event and gave a certificate for 100, 000 roubles.

Later on the same day Ildar Khalikov held a meeting with local administration, at which Vyacheslav Kozlov told about main results achieved, harvesting, and realization of regional prgorammes.

Speaking about social and economic development of the republic, Ildar Khalikov said that oil-gas and chemical industry is the priority economic sector, and a lot of major projects have lately been implemented.
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