Rustam Minnikhanov meets with Board Chairman of “Mir holding” and “Design group” Ibragim Mirmahmutogullari

19 November 2015, Thursday

On November 19, at their meeting at Tatarstan Government House, President of the republic Rustam Minnikhanov and Board Chairman of “Mir holding” and “Design group” Ibragim Mirmahmutogullari discussed a number of investment projects implemented by the Turkish company in Tatarstan.

Ibragim Mirmahmutogullari informed about launching of production of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes in Alabuga Specialized Economic Zone, Yelabuzhsky District, the Republic of Tatarstan on November 25, 2015.

The enterprise was organized by OOO “Design Rus” of “Design group” holding. At the first stage production will be launched at “Sinergia” industrial park on lease terms. In future, the Turkish company is planning to build its own production departments. At the moment the total amount of investments is estimated at 1.59 bln rubles.

Rustam Minnikhanov and Ibragim Mirmahmutogullari also discussed the creation of a specialized greenhouse zone in Alabuga. This megaproject is planned to be implemented at the area of 1000 hectares and will supply the whole country with fresh vegetables and fruits. Rustam Minnikhanov asked relevant ministries and agencies to provide necessary infrastructure for implementation of this project.


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