Meeting of Commission for Emergency Situations on preparation for flood and flood prevention activities held at Tatarstan Government House

16 March 2017, Thursday

On March 16, a meeting of the Commission for Emergency Situations of Tatarstan on preparation for flood and flood prevention activities was held at the Government House of the republic.

As was noted during the meeting, regions of the republic located near the basins of the Sviyaga, Sheshma, Staryi Zai and Menzelya rivers can face the most difficult flood situation. These territories are taken under control with continuous monitoring of the flood situation. 

The meeting discussed readiness of the republic for trouble-free passage of spring high water. As of February, the depth of snow cover on the fields of Tatarstan exceeded the long-term average indicators by 20-70 per cent. In some areas this figure exceeded the average by 2.5 times. The ice thickness on the rivers is also higher than long-term annual average values. According to long-term average data, ice breaks up in the first decade of April in the republic.

"Under the most unfavorable flooding scenario, 42 municipal regions can be affected in the republic, with 220 settlements with a population of 18,846 people, 27 economic facilities, 48 ​​socially significant sites, 55 road sections with a length of 75.3 km, 36 car bridges. As many as 63 hazard areas of ice-jams have been revealed on small rivers and watercourses of the republic. Routes of evacuation, transport and places of accommodation of the population from the settlements falling into zones of possible flooding have been planned," First Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan Alexey Pesoshin, who took part in the meeting, reported.

Speaking at the meeting, heads of all involved departments and agencies reported that they are prepared to withstand possible flood. 

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