Address of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov on the occasion of the Russia Day

12 June 2017, Monday

On June 12, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov congratulated Tatarstan citizens on the main state holiday of the Russian Federation - the Russia Day.

"Dear Tatarstan citizens! I congratulate you on the main state holiday of the Russian Federation - the Day of Russia! For over a quarter of a century our country has been developing under new historical conditions. Visible changes in the economy, social sphere and the strengthening of the country's power assure Russia's standing in the international arena, and serve as a source of pride and confidence for our fellow citizens in the future.

Despite its young age, modern Russian statehood is based on a rich history, which is filled with examples of heroism and resilience, victories and great achievements.

It is especially important to draw the right conclusions from the lessons of our history under current challenging conditions. We learn this from hundred-year-old events, which determined the destiny of our country, and indeed of the whole world  for many decades. The hard times of World War II and the deformation of perestroika years lead us to this.

Russia has always been a unique community of peoples, cultures, religions. This civilizational way makes us strong and competitive, allows us to lead a sovereign policy, and is attractive on a global scale.

Among all Russian regions, Tatarstan, being one of its main regions, has always occupied a special place. Large-scale projects, such as Alabuga special economic zone, Innokam, Innopolis, stable investment attractiveness, outstripping the pace of development, have already largely determined the future of Tatarstan.

Thanks to political stability, inter-ethnic and inter-confessional harmony, national concern for the preservation of cultural heritage, the development of mass sports, education and health, the consistent implementation of programmes to improve the environment, Tatarstan has become one of the most successful regions of the Russian Federation.

In all our deeds, we always feel the trust and support of the country's leadership, first of all, our national leader President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Dear friends!

There will be a lot of interesting and important achievements aimed at further strengthening the economic power of Tatarstan and the country as a whole, significantly improving the quality of people's lives in the future.

I wish all of us ambitious plans, much success and new achievements, strong health and courage, happiness and prosperity!

Happy Russia Day!

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov.”

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