Prime Minister of Tatarstan: Oil-industry workers of Tatarstan are actively developing and implementing technologies of horizontal drilling

6 September 2017, Wednesday

On September 6, Prime Minister of Tatarstan Alexey Pesoshin  took part in a plenary session of the International research and practice conference “Horizontal wells and hydraulic fracturing in increasing efficiency of oil field development” during Tatarstan Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Forum 2017 at the Kazanskaya Yarmarka Exhibition Center.

The moderator of the session was Minister of Industry and Trade of the republic Albert Karimov. He informed the meeting that 400 people from seven countries and 12 Russian regions are taking part in the conference.

Pesoshin said that Kazan has become the place where leading Russian and foreign scientists and geologists meet to discuss topical issues of increasing the production of hard-to-recover reserves and improvement of the development of active reserves.

According to Pesoshin, based on 70-year scientific and engineering experience, oil-industry workers of Tatarstan showed that both horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing are the most effective ways to intensify the production at the advanced stage. He added that a lot of innovative developments that were developed in the republic have become internationally recognized.

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