Rustam Minnikhanov holds a regular meeting of the inter-departmental commission on urban planning in the historical part of Kazan

12 October 2017, Thursday

On October 12, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov held a regular meeting of the inter-departmental commission on urban planning in the historical part of Kazan.

Chief Architect of Kazan Tatiana Prokofieva presented a number of new construction and reconstruction projects in the central part of the city.

A three-four storeyed building on Tukay Street - the Consumer Service Establishment was the first object considered. This project was approved by all members of the interdepartmental commission.

It was decided to study the project of an 8-storeyed residential building on Kalinina Street in detail at a site.

The same decision was made regarding a residential 4-storeyed house on Hadi Atlasi Street. The mid-rise building with a gable roof and wooden elements also led to the discussion in connection with the historical appearance of the street.

Two objects of individual housing construction are recommended for finishing of the facades. Projects of individual houses on Karelskaya Street (Admiralteiskaya Sloboda) and Voennaya Street were considered.

Minnikhanov reminded that the regulations on preserving the historical scale and style of new construction are valid for the historical part of the city.

It was suggested to consider other options for solving facades for the project of a 6-storeyed building on Nur Bayan Street. Prokofieva noted that the building will be located in the heart of the residential quarter. Despite this, Minnikhanov offered to work out a new project, as well as to inspect the construction site with a field visit.

According to Minnikhanov, the Kirovsky district of Kazan and its architectural features are still underestimated. Theregore, the projects should fit into the existing appearance of the district. That was why the project of a 3-18 storeyed residential complex on Engels Street was not approved. The facility will be located in an industrial area near Gladilov Street. It was decided to return to this project again and consider it additionally.

The next project was a 4-storeyed building on Hadi Taktash and Salimzhanov streets of the city. The object was presented in two versions. It was approved by the members of the commission in the first version with the recommendation of architect and member of the commission Nikolai Novikov to work out pedestrian paths and public spaces near the facility.

The meeting also considered a number of other projects.

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