Rustam Minnikhanov holds meetings and talks with representatives of some Italian companies

13 December 2017, Wednesday

On December 13, during his working visit to Italy, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov held a number of meetings and business talks with representatives of some Italian companies.

In particular, a meeting with representatives of the INALCA Company discussed issues of further cooperation in establishing feeding sites for cattle in the republic.

In July 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the republic and President of INALCA S.p. Luigi Cremonini signed an agreement of intent to develop cooperation in establishing such feeding sites.

Minnikhanov said that cooperation can be mutually beneficial. Having a large number of livestock and strict veterinary control, Tatarstan produces quality products, he said.

He suggested that Italian partners should work more actively in establishing feeding sites. According to him, there is a relevant resource base for this. Besides, favorable lending conditions will contribute positively to business development, he said.

The Italian colleagues suggested considering the possibility of creating a meat production plant in the future.

Tatarstan President said that this project will also be supported, but in the future, the main task now is to work more closely to establish feeding sites.

The representatives of the INALCA company told Minnikhanov that they are ready to invest in projects in Tatarstan.

Minister of Agriculture and Food of the republic Marat Akhmetov, who also took part in the meeting, noted the Italian investors inspected the proposed sites to locate feeding sites for cattle and made their choice.

The representatives of VOMM company, which was founded at the end of the '60s in Italy and provides engineering and construction services in environmental, food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, offered cooperation in the field of recycling oil sludge, mud residues using the turbo-technology.

The meeting discussed issues of energy consumption in terms of using this technology, the competitiveness of technology in comparison with other similar ones, energy efficiency issues and others.

Minnikhanov noted that the republic is interested in using such a recycling technology for the oil industry. He suggested that representatives of the company should consider the possibility of demonstrating their installations in operation for experts to study the issue.

Later on the same day, Minnikhanov held a meeting with representatives of V.Orlandi Company, which specializes in the development and production of towing systems for cargo and trailer equipment and closely cooperates with KAMAZ Automaker.

At present, the company is considering the possibility of localizing its production facilities at the  Master Kama Industrial Park in Tatarstan.

The representatives of V.Orlandi noted thanked Tatarstan Investment Development Agency for close cooperation and assistance. 

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