Aleksey Pesoshin takes part in a meeting held by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation on the establishment of Region Governance Centres

17 November 2020, Tuesday

On November 17, Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin and Chief of Staff of Tatarstan President’s Administration  Asgat Safarov took part in a video conference held by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko on the establishment and operation of Region Governance Centres in the constituent entities of Russia.

The Region Governance Centres are established by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin and should become a coordination point for monitoring and processing citizens' appeals by authorities. The new centres are aimed at improving the quality of work of regional authorities and municipal administrations with messages from residents. The deadline for the execution of the order is the 1st of December of this year.

The project office of the Tatarstan Region Governance Centre was launched on the 30th of October in Kazan and is chaired by Commissioner for Human Rights Sariya Saburskaya. The basic platform of the Region Governance Centre in Tatarstan is the People's Control regional information system. Since 2012, more than 307 thousand applications have been received from residents through this system, with more than 270 thousand of them (87 per cent) being resolved positively.

The People's Control system will be integrated with the National Incident Management System, which identifies and records the requests of citizens in social networks. The system has been operating in Tatarstan since 2018. During this time, more than 70 thousand messages from citizens were processed. Tatarstan is one of the leaders in the rating for work in the Incident Management System among the constituent entities of Russia. The average response time to a request is 5 hours 20 minutes in the republic.

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