Tatarstan Ministry of Ecology: In three year Tatarstan has invested 9.6bn roubles into ecology

25 January 2022, Tuesday

Speaking at a videoconference briefing in the Government House of the republic, Tatarstan Minister of Ecology Aleksandr Shadrikov has said that during the last three years the republic has implemented nature protection events for the total amount of 9.6bn roubles, 6.6bn of them coming from the federal budget.

The Minister reported that 64 events were planned for 2022-2024 and documents of many of them are being prepared to be included into the federal programs. In 2021 the republic took part in four federal projects within the Ecology national project, namely “Enhancement of the Volga”, “The Clean Country”, “Preservation of Forests” and “Preservation of Unique Water Bodies” he said.

Moreover, the total amount of financing for the next three years will make 13.2bn roubles, with more than 10bn of them coming from the federal budget, Shadrikov added.

In 2022 the republic will take part in another federal project of The Protection of water from negative impact and provision of gas pipelines security in Russia, the Minister said.

He told that reclamation of oil-polluted soil and two waste deposits was done within implementation of the Clean Country project in 2020-2021. Having attracted additional investments of 170m roubles from the federal budget in 2021, the republic has started reclamation of the Samosyrovo landfill in Kazan. A pond in the Village of Derhzavino and the effluence of the Mesha River were cleaned in the republic to preserve unique water bodies, the Minister concluded.

Speaking at the briefing, the First Deputy Minister of Ecology of the republic Ayrat Shigapov said Tatarstan residents will pay 52.3v roubles of fines for violations of environmental regulations in 2021.

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