Pilot legal regime for unmanned aerial systems to be established in Innopolis

26 January 2023, Thursday

On January 26, the State Council of Tatarstan supported the appeal of the Government of the republic on the establishment of a pilot legal regime in the sphere of digital innovations for the operation of unmanned aerial systems in Innopolis.

The issue was preliminarily considered by the people’s deputies of the Committee on Housing Policy and Infrastructure Development, the Committee on Economy, Investments and Entrepreneurship, with the participation of the Deputy Prime Minister of the republic Roman Shaykhutdinov and the mayor of the city of Innopolis Ruslan Shagaleev.

The initiative proposal was approved by Russian Ministry of Economic Development regarding its compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law «On the experimental legal regime in the sphere of digital innovations in the Russian Federation» dated July 31, 2020 № 258-FZ. Further, the relevant draft regulation and the pilot legal regime programme will be duly submitted to the Russian Government for approval.

Under the pilot regime in Innopolis, it is planned to create a new type of transport service using unmanned aviation systems and a distributed network of drone ports, which will complement the existing scheme of aviation operations and cargo delivery. It will also become possible to perform aerial photographic operations, which is a highly demanded service. In addition, the advantages associated with the speed and high accuracy of the data obtained are highly valued in such work as the inspection of pipelines, power lines and other infrastructure facilities.

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