As many as 675m rubles of grants will be allocated on improvement of seven cities and the town-island of Sviyazhsk in Tatarstan

7 March 2023, Tuesday

On 7 March, speaking at a briefing at the Tatarstan Cabinet of Minister, the Director of the Institute of Development of cities of the region Nailya Zinnatullina said that seven cities and the Settlement of Sviyazhsk will take part in the All-Russia competition of small cities and can win the grant support of 675m rubles.

She told that from 13 February till 6 March more than 23 000 residents of the republic voted at a special platform, where they could choose the priority public space to be improved.

Thus each of seven cities defined its own territory the improvement of which will help to shape the transport infrastructure and will make them more attractive for tourists,  and  for the town-island of Sviyazhsk the experts - architects, restoration artists, sociologists and cultural specialists could shape three potential routs for the island development only after they carried out a special study taking into consideration the cultural value and spiritual constituent of the town-island, she informed.

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