Heating has not been turned on at 210 Tatarstan kindergartens

28 September 2013, Saturday
On September 28 at a weekly regional video conference at Tatarstan Government House, Prime Minister Ildar Khalikov said that turning heating on is the main task today. The current situation at regional social objects is awful, he stated.

“Minister of Construction must report every morning about the situation. Every school and kindergarten must be provided with heating by Monday morning,” Ildar Khalikov said.

For now, heating systems have been turned on at 88.4 per cent of kindergartens, whereas at 210 kindergartens, 251 schools, 404 health care and 604 cultural objects have not.

At the same time, Ildar Khalikov mentioned regions, where heating systems were turned on both at social objects and houses. The Prime Minister thanked them for work that was done in time.

“The situation is critical. It is so cold outside. The temperature at some institutions is lower than 15 degrees above zero. We will meet and speak to heads of the regions, where heating has not been turned on yet,” Ildar Khalikov summed up.
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