UNESCO Director General looks around historical monuments in ancient Bolgar

20 August 2014, Wednesday

On August 20, UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova visited Bolgar to participate in events dedicated to inclusion of Bolgar complex in UNESCO World Heritage List.

Accompanied by Tatarstan State Counsellor Mintimer Shaimiev, Irina Bokova looked around historical monuments in Bolgar, in particular, the Khans’ Vault, Smaller Minaret, Black and White Chambers. Near the Smaller Minaret, the guests talked to tourists who came from Buinsk. “Tatarstan can be proud of the fact that the Bolgar complex has been included in the UNESCO List,” Irina Bokova said.

Then, the guests went to the local river station, where the UNESCO sign had been installed. At the entrance to the river station, Mintimer Shaimiev showed his guest the UNESCO nameplates and signs and Irina Bokova suggested taking a commemorative photo in front of the sign. A total of four UNESCO signs are found in Bolgar.

The guests also got acquainted with the work of the Museum of the Bolgar civilization, located at the River Station. The delegation was presented the world's largest printing Quran put on public display at the building of the Memorial Sign.

“It is an honour for me to hand in the certificate on inclusion of Bolgar complex in UNESCO World Heritage List. This is a historical event. I know that Russian and Tatarstan leadership as well as experts worked on this for 10 years,” she said. Kazan is remarkable both for its cultural diversity and tolerance, as well as the ability to respect its own culture and history, she added.

“Interestingly, I came from Bulgaria and we have some common historical roots. I am greatly impressed of what I saw. A lot of work was done. I am glad to see many visitors here. It is very important to know and respect one’s history,” Irina Bokova concluded.

Afterwards, the guests took part in a solemn presentation of certificate on inclusion of Bolgar complex in UNESCO World Heritage List.
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