Tatarstan Minister of Health Marat Sadykov informs at a briefing about the Zemsky Doctor programme and the initiation of immunity studies to Covid-19

25 August 2020, Tuesday

On August 25, speaking at a briefing in the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic, Tatarstan Minister of Health Marat Sadykov said that the regional Ministry of Health plans to attract 107 medical officers to work in rural areas under Zemsky Doctor and Zemsky Feldsher programmes in 2020.

The amount of a lump sum payment per one medical worker is from 1 to 1.5 million roubles for a doctor and from 500 to 750 thousand roubles for a medical assistant under the Zemsky Doctor and Zemsky Feldsher programmes. Doctors will also receive monthly salary benefits.

To reduce the mortality rate of the population of the republic, 23,000 doses of pneumococcal vaccine were purchased in Tatarstan. The vaccination campaign has already started, Sadykov said.

The first people to be vaccinated against pneumococcus are those who are at high risk of contracting the disease.

This vaccination campaign continues in parallel with influenza vaccination. In Tatarstan, the number of patients with pneumococcal infection annually grows 2.5 times. Tatarstan Ministry of Health began immunity studies to the new coronavirus infection Covid-19.

According to Sadykov, the first results of the study will be ready by September 15. After that, the ministry will be able to assess what part of the population of Tatarstan is immune to coronavirus.

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