Results of work of scientific and educational clusters summarized at Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministers

7 March 2013, Thursday

Results of the first year of work of scientific and educational clusters have been summarized at a session of Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministers. The session was held by Prime Minister Ildar Khalikov.

Ildar Khalikov said that training of skilled personnel at educational institutions in cooperation with enterprises had been an urgent problem for many years in republic.14 scientific and educational clusters have been created in Tatarstan. The main idea is integration of educational institutions with labour market.

Head of Tatarstan Government noted that there is a serious disbalance between needs of enterprises, number and professional skills of graduates. At the same time, employers and educational institutions express fair claims to each other.

Tatarstan Minister of Education and Science Engel Fattakhov reported on results of work of educational clusters since enactment of the Decree of Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministers “Concerning the procedure of making government order for training skilled personnel and specialists in Tatarstan scientific and educational clusters” dated 6.04.2012.

Heads of relevant ministries and agencies reported on work of scientific and educational clusters in certain spheres.
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