Rustam Minnikhanov: Drivers should be punished more severely for dangerous driving

14 December 2016, Wednesday

On December 14, at the Government House of the republic, Tatarstan Prime Minister Ildar Khalikov held a joint meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers and Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic on improving road safety, reducing the number of road accidents and severity of their consequences in the republic. 

Making a keynote report at the meeting, Minister of Internal Affairs of the republic Artem Khokhorin said that for the first time in recent years, the number of accidents has increased in the republic. The negative trend is observed in every third municipality.

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, who took part in the meeting, noted that the Russian Government will make amendments to the road regulations, according to which drivers will be fined 5,000 roubles for dangerous driving.

According to Minnikhanov, this punishment is not severe enough. As an example, he cited European countries, the USA and Japan, where a much bigger fine (and in some cases even imprisonment) is stipulated for such traffic violation. Minnikhanov asked members of Tatarstan State Council to come up with initiatives of increasing the severity of punishment for dangerous driving.  

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