Over 130,000 Tatarstan citizens receive kindergarten fee compensation

5 August 2014, Tuesday
On August 5, at a briefing at Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministers, Tatarstan Deputy Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security Natalia Butayeva reported that a total of 134,725 citizens or 69 per cent of the total number of pupils, attending pre-school educational institutions, received compensation of parental fees that does not depend on the income in Tatarstan in June 2014.

According to the Minister, 71,060 people, or 36.4 per cent of the total number of pupils, attending pre-school educational institutions received the additional compensation introduced on 1 January for families with per capita incomes of less than 20,000 roubles.

The average parental fee compensation makes 401 roubles, the average additional compensation is 667 roubles. The average kindergarten attendance fee is 2,300 roubles. Today, a total of 195,431 children attend kindergartens in Tatarstan.

Natalia Butayeva said that in July 32,705 citizens or 70 per cent of those invited filed applications to reregister the right to receive the additional compensation.

“We analyzed the reasons why people did not file applications. The main reason is 39 per cent of parents being on vacation. Seven per cent named an increase in their income as the reason, while 12 per cent do not have any income at all. The other 40 per cent gave other reasons. In this regard, I again appeal to citizens to be aware that they can receive welfare aid provided they file an application,” Natalia Butayeva stressed.

The Minister also said that a kindergarten fee guide have been developed and work to make an informer to calculate kindergarten fee compensation is underway. Following the link available at the websites of Electronic Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, Tatarstan Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Tatarstan Ministry of Education and Science, parents can find complete information on how their parental fees are calculated.
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